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Posing in Mid Air
4 November 2008

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
27 October 2008

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Finally I am Back ....
19 October 2008

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No Shadow
8 March 2008

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House on My Street HDRi
25 November 2007

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White Corvette
5 October 2007

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Just Bricks in The Wall
1 February 2007

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8 January 2007

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Happy New Year 2007
1 January 2007

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Up Up and Away ....
13 December 2006

Recent Comments

Allyson on I am Ugly
You are not ugly. And all people look different, there is no perfect face as there is no non-perfect face. Everybody ...

Alan on Pug-Eyed
Ahh,no just ugly.

Alan on One Year from Now ...
Nice portrait. Wish the left eye was in focus.

Alan on Where there's Smoke .....
I like this, Canada Valve,helps.

Roland-theys on Water 1
Very nice photo!

sázky on Websters Falls
great shot. exellet work, bravo

fg on I am Ugly
she is kinda ugly

NealBrothers on Websters Falls
Hey there, Neal Brothers Foods are giving anyone with a camera a chance to win an iPad 2. All you have to do is take ...

Amanda on Cry Me a River
Nice portrait; harsh title.

Amanda on Marty
This is an amazing portrait and it's nice to see how he's a common memory for most people in this town.

Amanda on Smoke Break
I find it hard not to notice the person in a very pink outfit in the background.

Amanda on Sunshine Girl
What an aweful comment, I really like this picture; perfect fall portrait.

Jeroen Bosklopper on I am Ugly
I personally smash the face of anyone calling her UGLY!

Katalog stron on Websters Falls
great shot,exellent work,bravo

Sázky on Websters Falls
great work,nice shot,congrat

Katalog Stron on Websters Falls
nice shot ,great compo,bravo wish all the best

Ruch Poparcia on Websters Falls
exellent image,fabulous colors ,Bravo

katalog firm on Websters Falls
great shot,exellent colours and details

hans jacques on Love in the Sun
great picture !!! i love it very very much

rashawn on I am Ugly
she's not ugly. she's beautiful

djib on Posing in Mid Air
Yes, very nice capture.

Annika on Websters Falls
Fantastic photo !!!

Garfield on Websters Falls
Glorious day in Ontario! Love how the shadow diagonally cuts across the photo - and makes the fall colors pop.

nikolay on I am Ugly
who is she i would so marry her hehe

Hidalgo on Websters Falls
Very nice water fall and those autumn colors are great. Very good.

eric on Websters Falls
great xolors and lovely places, very nice shot !!

Damon Schreiber on Alicia
Beautiful colours and clarity!

Damon Schreiber on Mom-to-be 2
That's a great shot - you can see a crescent moon on her tummy.

toni pons barro on Websters Falls
fantastic pictures on your blog, I like the variety and quality. good job. Congratulations

Calusarus on Websters Falls
Impressive fall.

Calusarus on Being sick sucks
Hope you'll be back soon… Nice dog.

Calusarus on Cry me A River
When I read the title, I thought to another singer :-) Interesting expression on this herald face, and what nice ...

Calusarus on Tabitha 3
Nice light for this portrait.

Calusarus on Tabitha 2
Tabi Long Legs !

Calusarus on Posing in Mid Air
Shot just at the right time !

Kaneabel on Alicia
Nice shot! Nice sky too! I am sure the mom to be will think it was worth braving th cold, when she sees the pictures ...

Calusarus on Alicia
She's a little frozen (seeing the skin of her belly), but this is a nice pregnant portrait…

Vito Rallo on Tabitha
is not a new idea but a wonderful reuse and a lifting of the existing style.this shot is the expression of the perfect ...

Micke on Tabitha

Calusarus on Tabitha
Beautiful portrait : expression, DoF : everything is nice.

Craig on I see you and I didn't do it ....
Lovely capture and lovely looking dog :O)

Calusarus on I see you and I didn't do it ....
Nice portrait.

Calusarus on Happy Halloween
Nice spider !

Calusarus on Scary Kid Time
I would say rimel which would have run down after she cried…

Calusarus on Green Eyes
Great DoF for this beautiful portrait.

Wendy on Dance like you mean it
I could see the "fun" in the photo before I read your commentary. Your capture brings that across. Great ...

Wendy on Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Adorable dog. Great capture. Love it.

Calusarus on Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Nice baby.

Daryl on Dance like you mean it
Yes this works very well!

Azarakhsh on Dance like you mean it
wow wonderful .it seems the light was so perfect for photography

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